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For the first time in 12 years, my mother flew to Dallas to watch her young Hanukah Harry entertain the Galleria shoppers on Thanksgiving weekend. How exciting! We had a wonderful dinner Thursday night at the Kirby’s house. I felt like I was finally sharing my family with the family that has adopted me for Thanksgiving for so many years. Great food and great company started off the weekend nicely.

When we got back to the hotel, mom and I walked off the amazing meal by scoping out the mall. One of the stores was even open at 8pm that night.  Crazy!  With the list of stores that we wanted to hit in our minds, we went to bed.

Friday, around 7:15am, mom was up and ready to visit the stores before going to rehearsals. Sadly, one of the stores did not carry an item I have been searching for (darn, I knew I should have bought it the year before when I saw it) so we went to the rink empty handed.

The road to me

What are you trying to say???


It was nice to introduce my mom to the rest of the gang at the rink and of course the crew from Pyrotex that have managed to keep me from catching fire for all these years. You can see the pictures, watch the videos, but until you are rink side looking up at this massive tree, you don’t really grasp the “coolness” of it all. A quick rehearsal with Dorothy Hamil, Amanda Dobbs, and Ryan Bradley and it was off to breakfast.

Friday’s show went really well. The honor of lighting the tree this year was auctioned off at a charity event.  So Santa got to interact with the kids before lighting the tree. With the rest of the day free (show was at noon), mom and I walked the mall and had a nice dinner.

Saturday morning Santa realized he needed a shave. Well, I grabbed that mirror that says “objects are closer than they appear” to shave in order to get a close shave. BOY DID I!!! I nicked myself right under my nose and seriously bleed for close to two hours! I’m at the rink for rehearsals holding tissues against my nose the whole time. How embarrassing. Mom to the rescue!  She  got a special elixir from Sephora that helped my issue which was just in time for the end of rehearsal and breakfast. Since the show was at 5pm, we ran over to the theater and watched the latest Muppet Movie.  It was just ok, but I have to admit that I got a little misty eyed when Kermit and Piggy sang the rainbow connection.  For the final show that weekend, I didn’t have a lot of speed for the second flip which ended pretty darn low for my liking. Next week’s flip will for sure be corrected!  You can see that here:

That night we all went out to diner, and I learned something pretty cool. David’s grandson, Colton, who is 2yrs old, really digs watching my “Training Santa” video. So he hung out on my lap as I played it on my phone. The little guy even raised his hands up and said “alright Santa, let’s do this!” when I said it in the video. HOW COOL!

Dorothy, Amanda, and Ryan were great in the shows! Till next week, be safe and well!

Santa is Trained by Dan Hollander:

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